A RoR Consultant
et cetera!

I love the Web and Ruby on Rails. And I work closely with my
clients to deliver the best possible solutions for their needs
using agile principles

About Me

TCard.Dev is a (single human) custom software development 'agency' with a single goal: provide outstanding Software Development consultancy with focus on the customer needs.

With more than two decades of experience developing software, (the human behing) TCard.Dev is the perfect place (if you a looking for a human :-) to help with your Web & App Development needs. I work closely with all customers and is committed to excelence and high customer satisfaction.



Simplicity is an art and it brings smile both our customers, and its own customers.

The Services

I have 13+ years of experience building Ruby on Rails apps, and I will listen to your extra needs.

Admin Apps

You pick your preferrable option: ActiveAdmin or Administrate?

Cloud Provider

You rather use Fly or Hatchbox? Full metal AWS or Render?


Your pick: Stripe, Paypal (or Braintree). Using any other? I will get you covered!


Slow response times? I will work to identify the root cause and put your app on a path to happy customers.

Hotwire & Turbo

I can help bringing you the latest from the Ruby on Rails to build modern apps.


Don't want to use the basic one provided by your payment provider? I will build a custom one for you!

API Design & Integration

I love designing and building APIs for your product. And also integrate with 3rd party APIs.

Rails Update

More than a decade of experience doing it has proven to make this a straight forward process.

Fun Facts About Us

We all drink coffee, beer, and listen to music. Hope you find that fun! :-D

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